“Yes” Video 2011 00:01:49 Wanting to show that nothing remains the same if you keep repeating it, I continually and rapidly say the word ναι, which means yes. As I keep saying it, the sound keeps dissolving together with the meaning of the word and...


Performance Paparouna – Attik

“The Poppy” is an old song by a great Greek composer and songwriter named Kleon Triantafyllou, known with the nickname “Attic”, wrote at 1935. A free translation of the Greek words could go like this : He had seen her dressed full in red He...



“Παπαρούνα, Lale, Poppy” 00:02:50 2011 In this project, I’m eating a poppy flower. This action has a double meaning; the one is that I perceive that flower as a symbol of my sex, so I eat it in a try to understand better my female nature. The other...



  1.Red color at the mouth. Red lip stick and liquid that looks like blood. 2.Hand feeding the mouth something red, it looks like flesh but has small deep black seeds. 3.Pregnancy, hands, hung, around the womb. The right hand is soiled red. 4.Show the...


The Holy Grail

Άγιο δισκοπότηρο Αυτή η performance αναφέρεται στο Άγιο Δισκοπότηρο και την Θεία κοινωνία. Η πρώτη κοινωνία που μεταλαμβάνουμε είναι το σώμα και το αίμα της μητέρας μας όσο μας εγκυμονεί στα σπλάχνα της. Το αποτύπωμα αυτής της κοινωνίας μένει για πάντα, σαν αγιάτρευτη πληγή, πάνω...


Kissed heads

KISSED HEADS 2011 – 2012 In this project I kiss on the lips head sculptures I have created, in order to make an image with multiple meanings and relationships. For example, the relationship between the mother and the child, between the lovers and, of course,...



“Heart” 2010 Video 00:03:24 Music by Lales Petros



 “Commercialism” 2011 Video 00:01:41 Venice, Italy I am standing still and filming my reflection on a screen that shows an advertisement of products and offers of a company. The people are watching me as though I was a part of the commercial spot.   ΔΙΑΦΗΜΙΖΟΜΕΝΗ...