“Children Of War”

Poem by Laura Mendez

“Children Of War”

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Humans without Humanity
Tears fall down from the Suns eyes.
The Sun is witness to all of human crimes.
The Moon is sad and no longer shines bright.
For all its children have become victims of war crimes.
The Wind blows and it whispers silent cries.
Bombs are being dropped as if they were rain drops.
The trees grow weary and tired, they have no life.
Children no longer can climb and play with them.
Their childhood is now being oppressed; they killed them with no regrets.
The clouds no longer move, they decided not to bless us with their beauty.
They are mad because this world takes too many innocent lives.
The Ocean is no longer blue, because the sky is always grey.
We take its animals away, like a mother without a child it sinks in its own sorrows.
The air is no longer fresh, because we now burn innocent flesh.
We only have one World, if we keep it up slowly we will have none.
Yes I know this poem is sad, but it’s true.
Humanity is dying what can we do?
Perhaps this is how it all ends, or maybe this is how it begins.
Will the world come together and unite? Or will religion drive us more apart?
In the end I have faith that the sun will come out again.
The Moon will dance with the starts again.
The Trees will grow from children’s laughter.
The clouds will move with grace, when we learn that we are all one race.
The Ocean will be a bright blue, when its animals can swim with freedom.
The air will be so fresh, when humans stop causing so much pain.
Nature is a prime example of how beautiful life can be.
The Sun and the Moon are total opposite, yet they sing the same song.
Now hold my hand do you feel the wind? Now chant with me.

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