#OrangeVest Brooklyn Bridge by B. Rogers

#OrangeVest Brooklyn Bridge by B. Rogers

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The walk down the Brooklyn bridge made me feel the importance of acting on the world’s unfairness. One can’t simply know things are unfair, it is important to act to change the events occurring. I couldn’t stop imagining the conditions of the refugees as I stared out into the water below us. The guilt in my heart grew knowing my warm, dry, livable trip across the Brooklyn bridge was nothing compared to the deathly trip across the body of water in nothing but life saving(barely) vests. I thought of the potential children refugees that are crossing possibly dying at the same time and felt proud to act and speak/share the tragedies with the people in NYC walking down the bridge after work living their every day lives who may not be aware of the misfortunes occurring at the same exact time. Almost felt like it was my responsibility to share the cry outs for those who can not at the moment.

B.Rogers 2/50/2016

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