Georgia Lale is a visual and performance artist based in New York City. She was born in Greece and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Athens. In 2016 she completed her MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is the recipient of several awards and fellowships of excellence. Georgia developed a performance art project entitled #OrangeVest that seeks to confront the refugee crisis in Europe. These public space interventions were performed at different sites in New York and other US cities, and most recently in Brussels, where a group of refugee artists was involved in the project. This work was also presented in the Greek Pavillion at 15th Venice Architecture Biennale.



Born in Athens,Greece

Lives in New York City



2016 School of Visual Arts, MFA Fine Arts, NYC, USA

2013 Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece Degree in Sculpture, BFA, MFA

2003 National Theatre of Greece



2016 Gerondelis Foundation Scolarship

2014 Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation, Sculpture Scholarship,



2016 The School of Visual Arts Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for Exceptional Achievement in MFA Fine Arts

2016 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award

2015 Special Presidential Grant, School of Visual Arts

2014 State Scholarship Foundation, Excellence scholarship, academic year 2011-2012

2013 Thesis ranked 1st among the BFA graduates of Athens School of Fine Arts, academic year 2012-2013.

2012 Honorary distinction at the competition Love in the Age of Social Media, organized by Athens School of Fine Arts and Metropolis Free Press.

2008 Athens School of Fine Arts, prize for being the 9th accepted student, at the entrance examinations.



2016 Contesting the Fronts of Crisis in the Public Space, 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture, curated by Ageliki Avgitidou.




April 20th, Panel Member, “Displacement Past and Present: Migration in the Arts”, co-panelists: Sean Anderson, Associate Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA and Hossein Fatemi, artist. Organized by Dedalus Foundation Fellow in the MoMA Archives, Christina Eliopoulos.

February 27th, Panel Member, “Post Thesis Presentation”, co-panelists: artist Delano Dunn and artist Sophie Parker. Organized by the SVA MFA Fine Arts Thesis Workshop.

February 11th, Artist Speaker, “European Student Conference 2017”. Organized by European Horizons and Yale School of Management.


December 7th, Panel Member, “Addressing the Global Refugee Crisis”, co-panelist: Sean Anderson, Associate Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA. Organized by The Yale History of Art Modernist Forum.




May 19th Emergence, Temple of Hephaestus, Athens, Greece

May 08th Emergence, Statue of Liberty, NYC, USA


October 1rst #OrangeVest European District, Nuit Blanche Festival, Brussels, Belgium

August 29th #OrangeVest at the National Mall, #DCrally4Refugees, Washington D.C.

May 26th #OrangeVest Washington Square Park, The Hole Gallery, New York

May 14th #OrangeVest Peoples Plaza, #WelcomeRefugees Rally, Philadelphia

April 16th #OrangeVest Brooklyn, Repair the World, New York

February 27th #OrangeVest Central Park, #SafePassage International protest, New York

January 22nd #OrangeVest NYC’s Subway, New York


December 10th #OrangeVest United Nations Secretariat Building, New York

November 15th #OrangeVest Brooklyn Bridge, New York

October 29th #OrangeVest High Line, New York

October 18th #OrangeVest Times Square, New York

October 4th #OrangeVest Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York



2016 Nuit Blanche Festival Brussels, Belgium.  

2016 Symbiosis Lesvos Arts Festival, Lesvos, Greece.

2015 The Unmentionables Film Festival, Vol.1, Menstruation, NY

2013 FONLAD Digital Art Festival, Coimbra, Portugal.

2012 Video Art Festival Miden,Kalamata,

2007 Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece



2014 Dimitris Alithinos recommend: Georgia Lale, Oplostasio Textis, Athens, Greece



2017 On Paper, Paris Koh Fine Arts/Gallery d’Arte, Chelsea, New York. Curated by  Antonia Papatzanaki

2017 Tidal Flow Revisited, Athens, Greece. Curated by Jenny Tsoumpri-Makrypoulia

2017 My Gender, Myself, Toss Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curated by Thanassis Raptis

2016 Forward Union Fair, Manhattan, NY

2016 Re:Re:Re:Re:Re / Re:GROUP, Brooklyn, New York, curated by Erin Davis and Max C. Lee

2016 Tidan Flow, Athens, Greece, curated by Jenny Tsoumpri-Makrypoulia

2016 In Cylinder, SVA Flatiron Gallery, Manhattan, New York, curated by Jamie Keesling

2016 Brave New World,K-GOLD TEMPORARY GALLERY, Lesvos, Greece, curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis, supported by NEON

2016 Popular Culture Is Where the Pedagogy Is, The Hole, Manhattan, New York, curated by Jasmine Wahi

2016 No Place Like Home, Repair the World, Brooklyn, New York, curated by Jonathan Allen

2016 Pow! #StandForSomething, DADA Post, Berlin, Germany, curated by Howard McCalebb

2015 Illusions of Being, SVA Chelsea Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2015 Last Dance @ the Old Gem, Art@Renaissance, Brooklyn, NY

2014 7th Student Biennale, B.& M. Theocharakis Foundation.Greece

2014 Statement Made, Art Athina, Gallery Artzone 42, Greece, curated by Artemis Potamianou

2014 Rooms 2014, Contemporary Art Show, Gallery Kappatos Greece

2013 Studios 2013, Gallery Metamatic:Taf. Athens, Greece

2012 Santorini Biennale, Santorini Island, Greece

2011 Leaders, animals and tools. Kappatos Gallery, Athens, Greece

2011 The great candy, Greek Film Archive Foundation, Athens, Greece



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