At the end of the day

An installation with video and performance on how society is approaching the female body as an object that can be used and thrown away.


Greek Salad-Χωριατικη

This video is dealing with the Greek financial crisis and how the Greek economy and Greece’s agricultural sector are collapsing under mandated austerity measures.



This piece is inspired by the Greece phrase “Τρώει Λεφτά” (troi lefta) which literally translates to “eating money.” This expression is for a person who is spending public money. Theodoros Pangalos, a well-known Greek politician, said in 2010, “We ate the money together”. This expression...

feature image orangevest


“#OrangeVest” is a commentary on the journey of the Syrian refugees. This art piece is about the refugees’ trip between Turkey and Greece while they try to cross the Aegean Sea. It is a participatory performance, a sculpture and a protest. My purpose is to...